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Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training

The only accredited Kanban training in Poland, by a trainer who has also applied the Kanban Method in dozens of projects large and small.

Team Kanban Practitioner

This one-day workshop prepares team members to contribute to continuous improvement and effective collaboration. Successful completion confers the Team Kanban Practitioner certification.

Kanban Management Professional

A four-day workshop covering all aspects of designing, implementing, managing, and evolving an effective service delivery system. Successful completion confers the Kanban Management Professional certification.

Intro to Agile Management

This is a one-day workshop intended for people who manage knowlege workers but who do not work in IT. It's an ideal way to prepare new managers and team leaders for the challenging task of managing recruiters, paralegals, writers, accountants, sales teams or any other group of people engaged in knowlege work.


Our Trainers

Justyna Pindel

President and Trainer

Design Thinking and product development

Paul Klipp

Trainer and Consultant

Agile and Lean thinking and practice

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