Wawel Hill - Agile and Web Development Training, Consulting, and Publishing

Gateway to the tech talent of Krakow

Wawel Hill sp. z o.o. is a limited liability company founded by the Kraków-based, American serial entrepreneur Paul Klipp. We organize training and consulting in the areas of web development and agile project management. We will soon launch Agility magazine and a forthcoming book on managing distributed agile teams. Stay tuned for the final dates of the ACE conference, the annual Agile Central Europe event showcasing the best of Central Europe's innovators and global thought leaders in the area of agile software development.


Scrum and Web Development Training

Wawel Hill is in the process of creating course materials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Ruby on Rails programming courses taught by the most experienced Ruby on Rails programmers in the region. We also offer a workshop series designed to ease your team's transition to agile development and project management practices.

Rails for Web Professionals

We are now scheduling our new course, Ruby on Rails for Web Professionals. It's a one week crash course in Rails web app development geared towards experienced teams. Contact us using the form to the left to get your team on Rails today.

Certified Scrummaster Training - to be announced.


Agile Coaching and Sales Force Development

Highly experienced coaches and consultants from Poland, America, and the UK provide customized, hands-on consulting and coaching for agile teams, salespersons, and project and product managers.


Organizers of the annual Agile Central Europe (ACE) Conference

Watch agilece.com for the upcoming announcement of an exciting and cost-effective agile development and project management conference that will bring together experienced regional practitioners and global thought leaders for two days high-energy exchanges.

Wawel Hill is collaborating with the volunteer organizers of EuRuKo2010

EuRuKo is an annual conference about the Ruby programming language with an informal atmosphere and lots of opportunities to listen, to talk, to hack and to have fun. This year takes place in Krakow, Poland, on the 29nd-30th of May.



Agility Magazine, bringing together the best new thinking in agile software development, launches with the winter 2009-2010 issue which will be available both in print subscription and in various downloadable formats.

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